Weathered Gray Basketball Hoop With White Lines


Take your game to the next level! Enjoy countless hours of entertainment on your new wood basketball hoop! Whether its for the kids, game room, or the office, you'll love playing on your durable hoop that also doubles as a stunning decor piece! 


All hoops feature a sustainbly forested lumber backboard, an American Made steel rim, net, and all the mounting hardware you need to get playing! 

Weathered Gray Wood Basketball Hoop with White Ref Boxes

  • Weathered Gray Hoop with White Hoop Lines:

    Our weathered gray hoops have long been a customer favorite. Now, we're adding shiny white hoop lines to the mix! It's a combo that's sure to please. 


    Stain: Weathered Gray Wash


    Hoop Lines: Each hoop is hand painted with brilliant white hoop lines for that traditional basketball backboard look. After painting, the lines are then varnished into the backboard so that they'll remain permenant for the life of your hoop!


    Protective Finish: Semi-Gloss Varnish


    Two Sizes to Choose From:

    • Standard - 24" Wide x 17" Tall Backboard with 9" Diameter Rim
    • Medium - 30" Wide x 20" Tall Backboard with 10.25" Diameter Rim


    Steel Rim - We use American Made Rims! Each of our high quality steel rims are manufactured and powdercoated in Michigan. Choose from a gloss black rim with black net, or an orange rim with white net. 


    Mounting Hardware - All neccessary rim and wall mounting hardware is included with your hoop! With our easy to follow instructions, you'll be playing basketball in no time at all!